Going online should never be a compromise

We design online solutions that work

We always start by focusing on what you have, what you can do and where you want to go. We then partner with you to realise best fit innovative digital systems and processes – and enable your business to carry this on successfully with as much ongoing support you need and want. Our current valued clients include Volunteer Now, Moy Park, the Department for the Economy, Centered Soul, NICVA and Elemental Software.

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Together we will implement the right digital technologies for you,
that will ultimately become an indispensable team member

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Online Platform

Whether you want to teach, sell goods and services or just deliver targetted information - we design, develop & host customer centric web portals that do this effortlessly

Design & Construct

Our adaptive content design process converts subject matter expertise and product specifications into digital assets that will wrap around your online audience

Artifical Intelligence & Live

We integrate digital assistants that respond contextually to users inputs and feelings - resolving hesitations during a sales process or motivating users to continue on with their learning


An innovative digital careers system that support everyone on their individual journey to employment.


A digital workplace companion that fills the gap between leaving education and settling into that new job.


We will complete regular trawls of the www for engaging and insightful articles on digitisation, eCommerce, education technology and eLearning, find our highlights below.


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The Global Health Connector: Using tech to connect with the elderly for better care at home (07/04/2021).

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