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Further Funding Secured

CENTRED SOUL are an awesome not-for-profit organisation & social enterprise, founded by Rosemary Deans.

There is a lack of specialist support in over 80% of NI to help combat the high levels of perinatal mental health issues and challenges around birth trauma. This has caused a communication and connection barrier for people experiencing these issues.

There is another barrier, caused by the ever present stigma that accompanies living with mental health issues and the lack of essential information on what is ‘perinatal’.

Through TiR we secured funding to develop a pilot web app for Centred Soul to foster communication between these people, enabling them to connect and communicate amongst one another and help reduce this stigma.

At an event in the Guild Hall, Derry on 11th June 2019 we were delighted to secure further funding to bring this game changing app to the next level. News article here.


New Partnerships


This month we are delighted to announce the start of a large digital learning project with ELEMENTAL SOFTWARE.

In addition, we are delighted to launch two new knowledge and communication web app prototypes with PROUD and CENTRED SOUL. These exciting developments (funded by TECHIES IN RESIDENCE, innovate-NI, SOCIAL INNOVATION NI, COMIC RELIEF & Community Foundation NI) will be part of a NI Tech for Good Showcase in the Guild Hall (Derry/Londonderry) on 11th June 2019.


10,000 learner account active


Approaching our second year in business we are delighted to announce the 10,000 account has been activated on a DAMGEO LTD digital knowledge managment or learning solution.

Excitingly this not only involves the staples of learning objects/experiences and learning management systems (LMS), it includes the embedding of Flexilevel Assessment, Artifical Intelligence, Scenarios, Product Simulations, Learner Analytics etc.


A lot of exciting news this month

Digital DNAs

I know we say this every month, but some more exciting announcements at DAMGEO LTD this month. After being highly commended at the Digital DNA awards with the amazing UHUB (behind the mighty All State) and 10 of the team attending the DANI Awards. We are very excited to announce the kick off of 4 new innovative and exciting projects at DAMGEO LTD. These new clients (prefer ‘partners’) are WE ARE PROUD, CENTRED SOUL, DEIRDRE MAGUIRE and FIONA BRADLEY.

In addition, our long term projects with ACUMENSIS, MOY PARK, CHILDREN’S LAW CENTRE, UHUB and VOLUNTEER NOW continue into new phases and further projects in Q2 of 2019.

Finally, promise, our founder Damien Caldwell is very excited to be a part of the discussion panel at the #SMARTTalent19 at the Eurpoa on May 16th. More details here.


DAMGEO LTD shortlisted for 2 major awards

DANI Awards

What a month! We have been shortlisted for a DANI AWARD (Best Use of Digital / Innovation in Not for Profit) and a DIGITAL DNA AWARD (Best Tech for Good Innovation).

This is with our amazing friends and business partners at the might UHUB.


Worshipful Company of Management Consultants


We are very honoured this month, to have our own Damien Caldwell, become a freeman of the WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS.

This deserved recognition comes after our innovative digitisation work within the third sector, with organisations such as UHUB, CHILDREN’S LAW CENTRE, VOLUNTEER NOW & KITH & KIN.


Exciting start to 2019


As we move into 2019 we are delighted to announce the continuation of our exciting long-term projects with UHUB, CAPITA, CHILDREN’S LAW CENTRE, SEVERFIELD, VOLUNTEER NOW & KITH & KIN.

After a successful and groundbreaking project with MOY PARK in 2019, we are delighted to announce the kick off in January 2019 of a second expansive project with MOY PARK and the wider JBS GROUP, providing the dynamic and interactive online learning content and infrastructure for the rollout of the SAP ERP solution – in partnership with ACUMENSIS.


Happy holidays

Xmas TreeThanks to everyone who has supported and made this such a phenomenal year for DAMGEO LTD. We wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a please make sure you have a fantastic new year.


Chatbots are finally ready


We never got into the digital learning space to produce to next-next-next-back-next experiences. There is no excuse anymore for producing flat content that has been switching learners off for years. With data analysis, artifical intelligence and machine learning we produce blended learning pathways that provide contextual and point-of-need learning.

Please contact us on or via our contact form here for an online or face-to-face preview of our innovative digital learning solutions.


1-year old


As we approach the end of DAMGEO year one, it has been one hell of a ride and long may it continue.

If you have ever thought of becoming self-employed, give it a god damn go, it is one of the most empowering career/life choices you can make. Challenges have been a plenty, the reason for going self-employed initially (a cool piece of work with Facebook did not quite work out). First lesson, not everything works out, get over it quick.

However, things happen for a reason, a year later we can call Acumenis, Moy Park, uHub, Children’s Law Centre, Capita, Volunteer Now, Severfield, ALMAC, Kith & Kin as live clients with exciting projects complete, ongoing and importantly repeat business. Second lesson, do the best job you can do and you will win other (better) business.

Thanks to all the people who have provided boundless support, we know who they are and will do everything to support them in the future. Third lesson, quickly learn who the good guys/gals are.

We genuinely cannot wait until the next year. The best bit of advice we were given was ‘concentrate on your customers and staff, not nominating yourself for awards’, has worked for us.


Solutions are go


At DAMGEO we are delighted to announce the launch of the KITH & KIN financial wellbeing digital learning resource via our Digital Learning Environment. Inital feedback is phenomenal. There is a lot of very busy and motivated team members in DAMGEO at the moment, as work continues on our CHILDREN’S LAW CENTRE (CLC), UHUB, CAPITA and SEVERFIELD projects, all with key deliverables before the close of 2018. We would also like to offer a warm welcome to new recruits Chris and Ryan, busy working on our projects with CLC and uHub.

What an end to 2018, our first full year in operation…


Exciting Contract Announcement


With summer really over now unfortunately, we have some exciting news at DAMGEO LTD.

As our work will continue with CAPITA and MOY PARK into Q4, we have 2 further exciting contract awards to announce. DAMGEO LTD have been awarded a contract with CHILDREN’S LAW CENTRE to deisgn and develop a chatbot to help deliver key messages around a variety of law themes for young people under 18. In addition, we have just had project kick-off for the second phase of My UHUB, please check back for an exciting announcement on this towards the end of October.


An update on what we have been up to recently


Being busy is never an excuse for neglecting your website. So here it goes.

Over the past number of weeks we have launched the hugely successful and innovative MOY PARK ELEARNING HUB, designed and started hosting a new learning object for Kith and Kin on our Digital Learning Environment and kicked off our key design role in the set up of the Evolve academy at CAPITA.


New contract awarded


At DAMGEO we are delighted to announce a new contract for the provision of a financial well being online learning object for KITH & KIN. This content will be available to learners on our Digital Learning Environment by the end of July 2018.

Delivering a flexible learning solution…


Blast from the recent past


Before DAMGEO became a registered company, our CEO Damien Caldwell was asked to present at the 2016 University of Ulster annual staff conference on GOING DIGITAL: A QUALITY STUDENT EXPERIENCE.

Quality of information on Higher Education provision…


DAMGEO features in TechWatch and Sync NI


Absolutely over the moon at DAMGEO right now. We have a full feature article in the far reaching and influential blogs and publications: TECHWATCH, SILICON REPUBLIC and SYNC NI.

Startup tailors eLearning to suit the student, not the educator…


A lot of new news


Damgeo have had a great and very exciting few weeks. We have just completed our 2nd project with VOLUNTEER NOW on Adult Safeguarding. We launched our own Digital Learning Environment. We have also won new and innovative contracts with BELFAST CITY COUNCIL, MOY PARK (in partnership with ACUMENSIS) and ALMAC. We have also started the ball rolling to recruit at least 3 new staff by the end of Q2 2018 and are about to open a new office in Belfast. Mad, but great times, the seat belts are well and truly fastened.

Contact us at if you are interested in coming onboard.


Repeat Business

Volunteer Now

We are delighted to announce a 2nd project kick off for Volunteer Now this quarter. This new digital learning course will accompany the Adult Safeguarding course that was launched in February 2018. This course will assist in the enablement of Adult Safeguarding Champions in organisations throughout Northern Ireland.

This course has been designed by VOLUNTEER NOW with support from the Health and Social Care Board.


Right Service @ the Right Time

Volunteer Now

Think it it is worth mentioning a project that kicked off this week. Damgeo were very lucky to be selected to work with the inspirational Cara and Pamela from uHub, to produce a mental health support app, that will empower the user to take action and improve their mental health. Getting vulnerable people to the right service at the right time.

Thanks to the Techies in Residence team, Social Innovation NI and Building Change Trust for bringing us together.

Visit the uHub website HERE.


An Injection of Colour

Volunteer Now

Our latest project management programme has somehow taken a graphic direction that we are all pretty proud of.

Check it out HERE.


It’s Live

Volunteer Now

The first course developed between Volunteer Now and Damgeo is now live. This is a vital course for volunteers on Adult Safeguarding. Damgeo are also hosting this for Volunteer Now on our Digital Learning Environment.

Exciting times and a great course with true social impact.


The Kids are Alright


Leaving a piece of work with a placement student, can have its risks. One of our placement students in Northern Ireland, was asked to create an interactive office in an eLearning authoring tool (an app they hadn’t heard of until last Monday).

They then went away and did THIS.

Alcohol, drugs and ASBOs: FAKE NEWS.


Simple Animation


Very proud of a recent design by a member of the Damgeo team, representing the history of what is currently ISO 9001:2015.

Low resolution preview of ANIMATION.


Real Induction Digitisation


It still stuns me that when you mention ‘digital learning innovation’, experts in the field are not afraid for some reason to shout out ‘mobile learning’, ‘microlearning’, ‘gamification’ (perhaps the most horrible word in the English language, closely followed by ‘pedagogy’, yuck). These should be a given in 2018, come on, the mobile phone has been in widespread use for approaching a quarter of a century for goodness sake.

In our recent work with organisations we are designing Induction and wider staff development around all the benefits that digitisation has brought to the learning table, a sample of the timeline and components are previewed in this INDUCTION TIMELINE.


Induction Enquiries


3/5 of our recent enquiries have been about the digitisation of staff induction and how it can be designed to actually impact new starts; get them job ready fast; and actually shape their employment behaviours.

Not just be a distant memory by week 3 and something you leave on while you make a coffee. Check out our INDUCTION EXPLAINER for more info.


New Contract Announcement


Damgeo are delighted to announce the signing of a prestigious contract with SEVERFIELD, to produce a state of the art digital learning experience to facilitate the roll-out of ISO 9001:2015 throughout their organisation.


New Partnership

Volunteer Now

VOLUNTEER NOW have partnered with Damgeo to turn their classroom content into engaging online content. The first course for migration is ‘See Something, Say Something’, a vital course for volunteers on Adult Safeguarding.


Online Induction


Damgeo are experts at getting organisation inductions online fast. CONTACT us to pilot an induction component of yours online.

Thought: Staff could even do their induction before they commence employment!


New Course

Learning Locker

Damgeo have just released an industry first. A getting started Learning Analytics course using xAPI and Learning Locker.

Click TRAINING to find out more.