Digital learning is Damgeo’s specialism, however, this is a massive multi-billion pound/dollar/euro arena now, glance through the slider below to view some of our recent project themes within the industry.

Staff Induction
Damgeo specialises in the design of structured online & blended induction programmes for all organisations

Engage with Damgeo to ensure efficient online learning mechanisms are in place to educate your employees on relevant laws, regulations and company policies

Process Improvement
Damgeo can help you achieve greater consistency in process adherence, accomplish project outcomes and meet organisational goals and targets

Manage Change
Damgeo online learning solutions would be regarded as a failure if they did not change targeted behaviours for the better

Staff Development
Damgeo online staff development content augments employee’s
internal progression

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The huge digital learning industry has a plethora of tools and technologies, some brilliant, some good and some (lets just say) not so good.  They also range from extremely expensive to free.  Damgeo will always recommend the tools that fit your needs and will have no hesitation in recommending you the zero cost alternatives.

Google Hangouts - YouTube - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twine - Google Classroom

Digital learning can be free: contact Damgeo to find out how to use web apps and social media to design an online learning program

The obvious, effective and easiest place to start digitisation of learning content is Induction, please view our explainer video below for more details:

Induction Promo, Music: Bensound

Damgeo services enable digitisation projects from start to finish

Click the icons to find out more about the services:



Pre-emptive contributor up to project initiation

Using foresight identify digitisation projects



Focused and targeted requirements gathering

Ignore irrelevant data and locate the pertinent information fast



Requirements based instructional design

Design content using a format that the target audience expect



Interactive, motivational and individualised content design

Motivating the audience to continue at every opportunity



A platform to distribute, assess and monitor content

A managed infrastructure based on what you need



Targeted knowledge distribution through a CMS*

Knowledge management is a key to making your learners reach higher



Catch and report on all Digital Learning interactions

Your learners use of a CRM*, how they interact online etc.

* LMS – Learning Management System / CMS – Content Management System / CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Our clients can hop on and off at any stage

Damego offer solutions that can be combined for a single digital learning solution or offer standalone components that can integrate with your current systems to maximise your learning collateral.

3D Text Modelling Demo


Analyse current need, design a fit for purpose solution, develop it in iterative steps, implement it effectively & evaluate it to ensure compliance.


Analyse now, design a conversion plan, develop the digital alternative, implement with no disruption & evaluate to meet requirements.


Provide a framework to distribute content, monitor progress, provide individualised learning paths, assess understanding & report on real impact.


Disseminate knowledge effectively, utilising an integrated open source digital CMS or engage a subject matter expert to coach your organisation.

Drupal, WordPress and SugarCRM

Industry leading expertise in install, configuration and maintenance of Drupal, WordPress & Sugar CRM