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Online Learning Environments (OLE)

We design, develop, host and manage Learning Management Systems (LMS) that wrap around learners and provide an experience that is truly on a power with traditional face-to-face training or classroom based learning.

We designed, developed, host & manage OLE’s for:

eCommerce Systems (ECS)

We design, develop, host and manage online shops based not only around our clients goods and services but also their customers. Making the interface and sales process seemless from entering the site to order delivery.

This service includes optimising digital marketing via the many online channels that enable our clients to reach their customers. We design, develop, host & manage eCommerce solutions for:

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)

We design, develop, host and manage dynamic online information portals for clients across all sectors. These digital hubs get users to the right information; in the right format; at the right time.

Our KMS’s utilise cutting edge AI integrations and clean interfaces to assist, advise and prompt users to get accurate information at their point of need. We design, develop, host and manage KMS’s for: